Pachy Hoops is a hula hoop dance and fitness company based out of Cumming, Georgia. Hula Hooping is an excellent low impact yet high cardio, full body workout. We offer fitness based classes,  hoop dance classes, hoop parties, handmade hoops, and more!13920295_1338217829539963_7732673064409186846_o

The Hoop:

These are not your box store hoops. Our hoops are handmade, with love.  Here is the link to our Etsy shop

New to hooping?? Here’s how to pick out your hoop:

Measure the distance from the floor to your belly button. That is the recommended sizing for a beginner. And that my dear, is an adult sized hula hoop! The ones you can pick up from the box stores are small and light weight children’s hoops.  The larger the hoop is, the easier it will be. The hoop is large and will move slow, allowing your body to move slower. Yes, people often downsize once they have been hooping some, but the beautiful thing about hooping is that EVERYONE does it differently. Here is a great website that contains all the go to information about hooping. Of course if you have any questions, I am happy to help!


The Owner:

I started my hoop journey in early 2015 after seeing a girl hoop dancing at a music festival. It was beautiful, mesmerizing, and I wanted to know more. I started researching hula hooping and quickly came across Deanne Love’s Hooplovers  and then found local hooper Hoopessence. I was hooked from then on. In April of 2016, I completed the HoopLove Coach program and began teaching classes in Forsyth County. It is my goal show people that hooping is so much more than twirling a plastic circle. It’s a workout, a de-stressing tool, moving meditation, and most importantly FUN.